Thursday, August 26, 2010

Unannounced wisdom is free wisdom like the spontaneity of children.

1 Unannounced wisdom is the wisdom which one uses without prior talks with one ownself.

2.Children are our best teachers, children are spontaneous, for they possess unannounced wisdom in the purest form, they donot deal first & act later !

3.Children constantly utilize their own wisdom freely for their own requirements, & thereby maintain their natural charm, & they know exactly how,when & why they need to serve themselves & be their own best friend !

4. & whenever we are with our own best friend we cannot be lonely. & like children we make us realize that we are designed not to be affected by the environmental happenings around us, for our activity revolves around our own physical & mental well-being & our permanent effort to keep perfect interaction with our source, i.e. our own parents.

5. Demostration of permanent pride in connection with parents spontaneously make us very informal & relaxed kind of people for then we constantly radiate pleasure & spread complete happiness. "Child is indeed father of man". They are the best teachers.

6. Whenever we use announced wisdom, we become unreal for then we forget to use our integrity. It is like remembering 10 commandments first & then being authentic & forget to act wisely as an unplanned impulse honouring and modelling the involuntary functions within us.

7.Using announced intentions makes us forget our purpose in life i.e. to keep ourselves alive in fullest form in our childlike purity, because we start digging into complexities of life to find reasons for a detailed proposal, for planning something with an intention, it leads us to stressed existence !

8 Suffering from pressure & tension is being with unfree wisdom, is being bounded !

9. We forget our right to act, we forget to be free, we forget the child in us, the life in us. & whenever our wisdom is unfree we are in peril for we start directing our life in wrong direction

10 Just like this verse when the the crown prince is looking for ways and means to guard Bhishma, for Bhishma has announced intensions of not attacking back someone. The crown Prince is unripe part of experience within us, how can it match the enormous wisdom within us.

11 When Bhishma has announced his commitment, he will find solutions too, he is high up in hierarchy, our wisdom does not need guarding by unripe experience it is like chaining the soldiers and keeping them in the wrong side of the field. It is like laughing at your own joke.

12. Whenever we keep us unlimited, our God is free, not locked in temples & pictures, & our wisdom does make commitments, jump into beliefs for then we imagine that our life has no boundaries, we are not under control, we can do what ever we want .

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