Saturday, August 14, 2010

Complete trust creates primary talks within us & thereby we create good actions.

Whenever we possess complete trust we create primary talks thereby we create right action, just like the trust of love cells of our parents which intended to form us created a good action & gave us our lives.

Trust & primary talks have a beautiful rapport, we are familiar with this phenomenon right from the begining, for our parents cells met with all trust to form us as our first cell inside our mother's womb. & after that at every step of our existence, trust & action created a snowball effect & we started growing inside our mother!

From the time we were a single cell we had complete trust in our mother for she gave a sacred shelter with supreme protection with exact amount of blissful food required by us to continue our lives & we started energetically establishing ourselves fully & perfectly inside her!

At every step of our growth we are busy with primary talks & after that follows a right action, & everytime we talk to ourself with trust it is called a primary thought. We do not need to remember it, we just need to follow our talks trustfully to realize that we are existing.

At every moment of existence we are exposed to a considerable amount of primary talks. Primary talks started when we were in the womb, as a foetus, with a placental cord connected to our mother, our talk to ourselves was then to feel that our mom drained us life through the cord, for that was our only comfort!

Comfort & discomfort are two sides of a coin, where comfort is the head of the coin and discomfort is the tail !

Our life is also like the same coin where every comfort is winning or good karma and every discomfort is loosing or not so good karma. & Our life is also connected with the toss the coin,& all we want is to see that comfort faces up, & for that we need to follow our primary talks, so that our secondary talks keep away & the discomfort does not show.

In a real battle the general of the army needs to know where the opponents are exactly, so that he can plan the battle accordingly. We often forget that a real battle is not exactly like a life battle, for in life battles we are ourselves the general of our own army, moreover we ourselves are the army itself & most importantly we ourselves are the enemy, so we need to know where exactly we are so that we can correct ourselves to a position of comfort,for being in continuous discomfort could make us loose our battle. & to get comfort eventually we need to be discomfortable too, for if we are not discomfortable we will not know what comfort is.

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