Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When ever we forget to show respect to ourself we display complexes

1. In this verse the crown prince of the blind king is so sure that he would win the battle but he did not! Just like we are sure so many times in our lives that we would win the battle & we do not.

2. We do not win battles in life whenever we do not to want to understand that our life is only a learning process, & we are constantly learning & setting examples for ourselves ! Whenever we underestimate our learnings , we underestimate our own failures, & our failures are our greatest teachers, our greatest treasure.

3. Our greatest treasure is our wisdom, whenever we donot want to use our wisdom we have a complex. & having superiority complex is demonstrating such an aspect of life, for then one is preparing to be a looser all over again. For then we want to forget our past failures, and we continue to express to others egoistically about our own superiority !

4.& whenever we are continuously showing our superiority, our higher status to others i.e. our greatness , our superior quality in gesture & words, & whenever we continue to think that none other can do for themselves what we can do, for we are better than others in every-way, we exhibit superiority complex in abundance and we fall easy prey to vanity.

5. It is kind of false vanity, a negative existence, a bad joke, a humour which is out of humour, for there is an artificial amusement& unhappy charm, & could only prove to be disadvantagous to us in the long run. Having superiority complex is demonstrating that one is preparing to be a looser.

6.Whenever we are showing our superiority because we possess a feeling that we donot have any flaw, our wisdom is being kept unused, it is like keeping wisdom in the loosing side of the battle field.

7.Bhishma was also standing in the loosing side of battle field, though he was an embodiment of wisdom, was a thorougly blessed being, & had a grace of God for eternal victory, for he could also keep on living. But he could not win the battle eventually nor could he decide to go on living.

8.We too decide to go on living our way& we have the same wisdom inside us, for wisdom is the most blessed part of our body,can lead us to eternal victory, could keep us away from failures in life yet many times in life we forget to use our talents, our wisdom & inspite of having wisdom which is unconquerable & ageless we sabotage our own life !

9. Self sabotaging is our illogical approach towards life,which could give rise to stress, anger ,sadness etc etc , for then our talents get doomed ! Whenever we donot utilize our capabilities fully, we are distrustful towards our own life & we remain incomplete, our possibilities remain unused just like in the praises for Bhishma the unconquerable, the blind king's crown prince further more compares Bhishma's strength to that of Bhima in this verse ! We too often get busy with such absurdities.

10. Whenever we compare our wisdom with that of others we are absurd, for we are behaving like Duryadhan, the crown prince of the blind king. We are like the ill-bred eldest son of a blind father, for we are stepping in the territory of Gods, & playing God & it is like saying my God is greater than your God because I say so.

11. Like in this verse of Bhagawad Gita, whenever we get busy with superiority complex & announce that we know exactly how weak somebody else is & we know what someone else is capable of, we are making improper statements, for then one is in error,,,,

12 & last but not the least nevermind.... life is a learnig process, we donot need to be guilty & we only need to learn from every error we make. Real learning is all about not making same mistakes all over again, for life is all about making errors and correcting them!

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