Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Karma is proportional to a small drop of thought.

Karma is prortional to a small drop of thought, good thoughts bring about good action in otherwords good karma. In this verse the blind king is observing how his crown prince is talking about the powers of many famous names amongst his opponents!

Whenever we are blind to our own wellbeing we continue to glorify the capabilities of opponents. This verse also mentions few very big names of Mahabharat, for those births were connected with the happenings of that moment in the epic Mahabharat.

Mahabharat is a story of a famous battle in Kurukshetra!
Our body is our battle of Kurukshetra, for we are the most famous kings from our very own famous lands, & we are also connected to famous happenings & connections & responsible for our own actions!

Our karma is directly prortional to how we deal with our birth & our actions.
Our life is all about trust & belief. & our actions are connected with the happenings of our own upbringing & what we have been able to learn from our surroundings.

Like the happenings of the great Mahabharat, like holy Bhagawad Gita, our births are also great, our understanding is very holy, for we are constantly enacting a similar story with similar features in very similar way, there is constant repitition of similar charecteristics around us all the time in all happenings! We are as if a part of the same glory all over again, living our life under similar circumstances facing similar actions & getting same reactions, as our actions are directly connected with the talks we have with ourselves in our heads,& the talks in our heads are directly connected with how we deal with our memories.

We are all born sacred, we all possess our unique physical possibilities,& special mental capacities. Our physical talents are like the strength of Bhim of Mahabharat,our mental qualities are like the refined capabilities of Arjuna of Bhagawad Gita! But whenever we are with wrong thoughts we forget the Bhima & Arjuna inside us & we start glorifying the Bhima & Arjuna in the opponents,for we become the crown prince Duryadhan of a Blind king,for we do what he is doing in this verse of Bhagawad Gita !

Our good thoughts are the key drivers of our body they lead us to a winning point, & our weakening thoughts prepare us to be loosers, for then we make others powerful by simply saying within ourselves how powerful others are,& in that process we lead ourselves to believe that we can never be winners, it is not a win win situation for us anymore,& we forget to win over our fear, our anger, our sadness , and many many other kinds of discomforts of our lives.

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