Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good Communication is the first sign of transformed life.

We are constantly speaking to ourselves, & we are constantly hearing what we are telling us.
Whenever we get the satisfaction that we are speaking well to ourselves we are actually able to listen to ourselves well, for every thought that speaks well to us leads us to an action & we get the confirmations in our own satisfied actions and in the responses of people of our surroundings.

Moreover whenever we are able to communicate with ourselves continually well we are in continuous peace. We are actually understanding the happenings around us, & responding to the happenings in a healthy way.

Therefore good communication is the first sign of transformed life & transformed life is a life with limited anger for we feel sure about ourselves, & in transfomed life there is no need for discussions or there is no need for counter actions as we are constantly busy to understand the happenings surrounding us in every minute detail and we are able to see our role in it quite distinctly for our life is a wonderful comedy !

We start listening for the listening sake, we loose the desire to speak with ourselves for we are in peaceful states, as we are actually screening what to listen & what not to listen, & we develop a very deep sense of respect for ourselves & also for our fellow human beings & we also recognize the weaknesses in the environment, we recognize that the happenings around often has nothing to do with us so we do not get stressed or agitated !

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