Friday, August 20, 2010

Comfort is like a healthy breath.

Comfort is like a healthy breath,or a healthy heart beat.
Just like in normal breathing one does not feel the breath, & under normal circumstances one does not feel the heartbeat, whenever we are in comfort we donot give importance to what we are telling ourselves, for then we are simply busy doing the right actions for ourselves for then our life is all about comfort & we continue to live our life very thankfully at every step, with complete greatfulness!

Comfort & discomfort is felt by the wise & unwise in the same way, for we donot really give importance to the talk to ourselves when we are in comfort, we are aware of our talks to ourselves only in discomfort. Wise people talk to themselves only with one intention & that is to get rid of their discomfort, just like I am doing now. I am in great discomfort of mourning, & I get constantly reminded of his existence next to me so long, I just cannot get over the fact that my husband, my lifepartner is not next to me physically anymore, so I am looking for comfort therefore I am writing on my blog and coaching myself constantly so that I find some solace & comfort in life ! In otherwords I am coaching myself primarily, & I am wisely using my talent to keep myself healthy mentally physically & spiritually, just like Arjuna did in Bhagawad Gita, when told Sri Krishna that he was in trouble & needed HIS coaching.

The unwise donot know how to find the right help to get rid of their discomfort permanently! They look for other options and start loosing tempers, being impolite etc etc. In other words only the wise look for help & protection whereas the unwise feel the same discomfort & yet donot look for protection the right way.

In Bhagawad Gita Arjuna feels the discomfortable doomed struggle between the families very intensively and is looking for advice & protection from Sri Krishna, for he shares his problem immediately with full integrity & absolute authenticity. Whereas the crownprince of the blind king also feels the discomfort of impending battle yet does not show it with full honesty, instead goes to his teacher and starts boasting not only about his own strength & power but also the good qualities of all others under him. As if he is telling his teacher to understand that his army is strong.
His teacher was the most famous royal teacher of his time & was perfectly informed about his princely students in all possible ways for he had trained all the princes in warfare,& he knew exactly how capable or talented his princes were. His teacher kept his calm for he was very wise man, he did not even let his boastful student realize that he was wasting his time in telling his teacher all that he already knew.

Whenever we start boasting we are infact showing our tendency to be unwise, for we are not looking for real help & leading ourselves to our own failure on that moment, for then discomfort does not get the chance to recover & does not have the possibility to transform itself to comfort. Politeness, gentleness, mild nature of the talks to ourselves are our ways & means to show ourselves that we are safe & are capable of taking care of ourselves, for then we are being in the passage of a sure winner.

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