Monday, August 23, 2010

Elixir of life is the magical potion to energise our memory.

1.Elixir of life is a magical potion to energise our memory be it good or bad, and keep us alive in the fullest sense. & What is being alive in fullest sense ? It is a sense of making us feel the completeness of existence. For at every step of achievement & failure there are chains of involvements of good & bad memories, we keep falling back to them constantly & start dreaming in the cascade of time, imagining the layers of rememberings all over & over again .

2.Our life is all about how we feed our memory, for layers of past memories are directly proportional to our handling of present situation.

3.In this verse of Bhagawad Gita the crown prince of the blind king is gloating on his past memories & about his own position in the kingdom !
Whenever our memory is fixed to our past glory, our life is limited to just the glamour of past achievement, & we keep ourself in the most superficial layer of existence, for we deprive ourself from enjoying the feeling of real satisfaction, the pleasure of reaching the complete depth of that memory & prevent ourself from the use of the entire strength of that energy. It is like denying our lungs to take a full breath.

4.We often take it for granted that we had won the past competition. Simply because we had won a battle then we will win it all over again now, we forget to focus on our energy of past efforts, past environment & by doing so we often waste our precious time for we forget to use our valuable energy resources available to us.

5. The use of our past energy is the "Mantra" to stability in life ! It is the art of empowering our past sophistications, for then we do not just ponder on our past success, & keep singing the good scores of past examinations, for then we are actually placing ourself in the right side of the field all over again & preparing ourself to be a winner all over again. It took an enormous effort to take care of my ailing husband, I had not kept any stone unturned to see that my husband gets some relief during this attack of the murderous disease, my value of the effort in gold gives me energy to write my blog.

6. Inorder to feed our memory in the right direction, we need to remember how strong we were then to have had achieved the result ! We may not allow ourself at any cost to forget the amount of effort we had involved in the achievement of the glory then, we need to constantly remind ourself about our past support in our past battle field, who we were our chief operators then and where our generals had placed temselves, last but not the least how we had won the battle then ?

7. E.g. Let us go back in our memory lane, let us think that we cannot toddle yet, and we are seeing that everyone around us is walking. How keen we are to learn to walk inspite of our helplessness, so we looked for help & support, we got it & we learnt to toddle !

8. We know we can walk now, it is such a normal thing for to us, do we remember what an effort we had given then to achieve that ? who were those loving people who gave us selfless support then? Who were constantly available to us when we started to learn to walk to see that we do not fall on the ground & hurt our little limbs? It was such an important event of our life then, do we even remember how eager we were to keep ourself in the winning side of the battle field then so that we win such a situation?
All we have to do now is apply that enthusiasm in our present battle and keep us in the winning side.

9.Our body is our big battlefield, each and every part of our body is a general of our army, & all these generals are famous warriors, and would fight for the victory of our side to the best of ability, they will fight to their very last breath.

10.Achievements in the past is proportional to amount of being alert to situations in life at that point of existence, & in order to be able to achieve the past result all over again we energise our past examples of efforts !

11. We utilized our past energy to the fullest of possibilities then, learning to walk was the result then, it was indeed very nice to be able to walk, but the feeling around how we learnt to walk was even more important, how it was achieved was nicest of all, for it was very soothing memory and whenever we apply that in present situation it will soothe us!

12.Gentle assessment of time is a very calming factor & keeps our surroundings favourable, we would feel it easily in the fondness of others, for we transform ourselves into a pure entity then.It is the exact amount of soothing energy we need so that we can teach ourself to be in winning fields & keep on respecting ourselves & living well at every walk of life .

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