Thursday, August 5, 2010

GitaShaktiLife Coaching

GitaShakti Lifecoaching is all about happenings of life. Good happenings & not so good happenings, & whenever we are able to take the neutral path and not let ourselves overreact with the happenings surrounding our existence we are able to maintain our internal stability.

We are then able to keep our sanity & guide ourselves to a further level of fulfilled enhancement & advance further in life, for then we are able to accept the happenings in our life.

We carry the banner of living with a touch of bravery, with a dash of valour,& we are able to maintain the magical flavour of our goodwill with an intensity of our basic desire to be alive and well.

For then we enjoy the ocean of happiness within us in all it's magnificence which is in all it's essentiality mandatory for our good health, both physically or in manifested form and spiritually or in unmanifested form!

The first aspect towards life is trust. "Trust" in ownself, for trust is essentially the first step for strengthening this deep value for attaining good health everyday in every way !

GitaShakti Life coaching starts with the first chapter of Bhagawad Gita, chronologically chapter by chapter & verse by verse. & before even starting to understand what is written in those verses, before even opening the book to read those lines we need to have trust, trust in what we are going to unearth, trust in ourselves for being able to help ourselves, for GitaShakti life coaching is all about the never ending self correction leading to self improvement !

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