Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pick & choose the jibber jabber orelse we get troubled

We are constantly talking well & not well to ourselves!
Whenever we are not listening to our positive talks & paying attention only to negative talks inside us we start feeling weak, for we start seeing power inside others only,we feel bad about their extravaganzas, their big bungalows,their big cars, their expensive dresses etc etc & forget to see the massive power within us,our own contentment, our own inner strength & our own capabilities & we start feeling the insecurity from within,for there is a sense of loss of energy,& we start feeling incapable, as a result we start looking for help, we start running to temples, searching for Gurus, for the feeling of absence of power inside ourselves leads us in wrong direction & we start digging in us a deep hole resulting in the phenomenon of being jealous, developing hatred, being unkind to others!

In this verse the son of the blind king is telling his Guru to look around and see the powerful army of the opponents ! He even tries to instrigate the revenge in his Guru by reminding him of his embarassing moment with the opponents, in weaker moments we too try to find all kinds of reasons to make a gang of people team up together against somebody, all in the name of group jealousy and group anger, for we then get busy to make others believe what we think is right, this jibber jabber could give rise to a tendency of simple harmless gossipping,& the negative thoughts within could also give rise to serious mischiefs.

Therefore whenever we are not listening to the good talks inside us, we feel weak and vulnerable & we have a tendency to reach people to tell them our plight, in other words play a victim ! Insuch moments we normally find a common strong person, somebody known to both parties who could help in keeping the fire burning and give a feeling of false strength. Serious discussions, fights,even battles & wars all start this way, from a small drop of a weakening thought.

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