Friday, August 6, 2010

The story starts with 'Trust in Self'

In this verse of Bhagwad Gita the blind king trusts his gifted chariot driver, for the blind king asks his talented chariot driver what is happening on the battle field,what his sons & his nephews are up to?

Similarly 'Trust in Self' starts whenever our body is prepared to listen to our mind, & we realize that we feel safe deep from within, moreover there is an availability of a reliable support, & we start understanding the happenings of our life in an unique way, as we know only our eye can see & only ears can hear, we are also aware that our mind is totally blind and is not supposed to see, yet we get prepared for seeing & hearing the happenings of our life with utmost surity, in the most wonderful way.

We develop a strange rapport with our body and start witnessing & belonging to a strong understanding deep from within, for whenever we are trusting ourselves we stop the doubt within us & start seeing the right direction inspite of being totally blind to situations & inspite of being absolutely unprepared to handle the defects within us!

The blind king's trust in his chariot driver who had very sharp vision & very sensitive ears is the basis of the making of Bhagawad Gita. Our trust & reliability for the source is also similar, so much so that we believe the vision of source, as if we are seeing the happenings all by ourselves, we believe the ears of the source as if we are hearing it all by ourselves, this brings about the transformations in our lives.

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