Sunday, August 8, 2010

Life is full of actions & inactions.

Whenever our body mind & spirit is in a state of trust for the source within us, we feel the continuous joy & happiness in our surroundings, for we realize that we are not being able to make ourselves unnecessarily angry or make ourselves extremely sad easily, & we are indeed doing actions according to the good conversations with ourselves.

& whenever we donot hear what we are telling ourselves wisely we are leading ourselves to inaction. The real characteristics of being in inaction or inappropriate action is whenever we make movements to show that we are in trouble e.g. being in stress, being in anger, being in fear etc !

Inactions could be also not doing anything, & physically not doing anything could be acceptable provided mentally we are in continuous peace & satisfaction. For inactions are actions against natural existence of life & living. It is absence of positivity, it is an existence leading to negative remarks or negative gesture & it makes our mind jump to conclusions, we start finding reasons for our inactions, & even beilieving that we are doing it right. It is like quenching thirst by picture of water.

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