Saturday, August 21, 2010

Believing is interpretations of what we hear & suppose !

1.We are constantly hearing, for we can hear with and without our ears, & we can hear with our minds too.
Further more, & most importantly we can hear with the help of our hearts.

2. Just like our heart which keeps on beating, we are hearing our talks permanently inside our heads, and then we even wonder as to why we are saying all this to ourselves. At that point my beautiful grandmother would smilingly come to me and say softly " Are you busy in your Thinking Office? " & I would not even mind that my precious thoughts got broken, nevermind I would say to myself better next time, for I would find ways & means to even pacify myself with reasons & this goes on and on and on.

3. We are hearing with our ears very intensively whenever we are thinking aloud, & our talks to us & to others get frozen in our memory, for we have this unique capability of recording our own talks in our brains constantly ! What ever we are telling ourselves mostly are the recordings of some memory at some point of life & living, for they are simply repititions of the same tape & we donot even realize that, for we get busy responding to it constantly with our own gestures & with audible words .

4. Last but not the least we are also hearing what ever other people are not saying loudly through their mouth, we can catch thoughts of others, & for that we use our heart. Our heart has strongest pair of invisible ears much superior to all ears of our head put together .

5. Our understanding in life is based on our belief, & belief is the way we understand & interprete what we hear.

6.In this verse of the first chapter of Bhagawad Gita there are mentions of gigantic names of Mahabharat,the names like Karna Bhishma Drona, these people had histrionic qualities & capabilities from birth , & as I was reading this verse I realized that I was recognizing my exposure to similar talents & qualities around me.

7.Like Bhishma or Karna, or Drona, there were availabilities of wisdom or philanthropism or perfectionism in present day & like those ancient giants born then, people still got born with such similarities of charecters, for there are fixed laws of life & living and one such birth was that of my husband, for like Karna he could just lavish others, & his friends would say that his heart was too big for his chest.

8.Our life is all about how we are believing what we hear & how we are dealing with our beliefs, for it is then the decision time ! Believing right makes us decide on which side of the field we need to stand, the winning side or the loosing side.

9.In this verse the unfortunate blind king's eldest son was boasting about the giants in his army, he thought he was believing right too, & did not realize that he himself along with all the other big names were standing on the wrong side of the field, doomed to loose the battle, inspite of having the best of qualities & capabilities!

10.By thinking that we are believing the right way, very often, we place ourselves in the wrong side of life & living, for then we feel the anger & stress of life.

11.Simply by mentioning the historical names of the famous people of Bhagawad Gita in this verse we are aware of the greatness we possess in ourselves, for we constantly get reminded of their positive qualities & capabilities primarily, and enjoy our exposer to such greatness in our own realities.

12.This verse of Bhagawad Gita also reminds us about cementing our trust & proving the elixir of life.